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Introducing Protect-It™ MAXI... the newest innovation in facility protection.

The modular MAXI bumpers are linked together in minutes to protect your warehouse columns. One Protect-It MAXI™Pac kit includes 20 impact-absorbing bumpers and 8 locking pins; they securely fit around any shape column over 3½" in diameter. Use more MAXI kits to increase the height of protection on your columns, or to accommodate wider structures.

Protect-It Maxi Around 10" Round Column Protect-It Maxi around 8" Squar Column

2 Kits on 10" round column

2 Kits on 8" squarepillar

Protect your facility without bulky devices that impair your warehouse movement. Ideal for columns that are near dock doors and in high traffic locations of your warehouse. Protect-It™ MAXI wraps easily to fit the shape of your column (fits square, round and I-beam shapes). One kit covers 20" high on most size columns, providing protection to the most vulnerable areas to lift trucks.

Maxi Installation Examples

Column / Post Size Kits needed for 20” high protection Kits needed for 40” high protection
3 ½ ”-6” square or round ½ kit 1 kit
8”-12” square or round 1 kit 2 kits
8” x 10” rectangle 1 kit 2 kits
12”- 18” square or round 1 ½ kits 3 kits
18”- 24” square or round 2 kits 4 kits

How does Protect-It™ MAXI compare to other plastic guards?

Protect-It™ MAXI is molded with high density thermoplastics that maximizes its unique energy absorbing design in a very compact space (only 3" deep). Unlike other bulky units made from a rotational molded LDPE, Protect-It™ will not become brittle in cold environments and is still effective to 40 degrees below zero. Protect-It™ has been laboratory tested to provide protection from a 2.7 ton truck impact at 3.75 mph. It's unique assembly design fits any column. Order one style kit to fit all your needs; no confusion on what part will fit your application.

How do I repair Protect-It™ MAXI if damage might occur?

All impact protection devices deform in order to absorb impact. Under severe impact, any protective device can deform irreversibly or even fracture to protect the column. The unique design of Protect-It™ MAXI allows the easy replacement of an individual bumper, not an entire column unit. Remove the linking pins and replace any deformed bumper, then replace pins.

Product # Description Size Color Wt. Each Case
500-100 Protect-It™ MAXI Kit 54” w x 20” h x 3” d* Yellow 18.75 lb 12” x 10” x 20.5”
500-100BMP Replacement Bumper 9” w x 5” h x 3” d Yellow 1.5 lb 9” x 7” x7”
500-100PIN Extra Connecting Pin 1”diameter x 19.5”h Black 1.0 lb 24” x 2” x 2”
*when assembled

Protect-It MAXI Video

Protect-It MAXI front impact testing
Protect-it MAXI real world impact test


  • Prevents post damage with patented "impact- engineered" construction
  • Fits around any size column; installs easily without tools
  • Space efficient - won't crowd your aisles
  • Effective in cold storage in sites as low as -40° F

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