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    Warehouse racking systems are designed and engineered to withstand years of usage and applications. However, at any time, there could be problems due to seismic or natural occurences, normal wear and tear, and collisions between vehicles and the rack. For this reason, it's important to have plan and strategy in place to minimize the impact of any issues on the safety of your employees and on your operations.

    At Konstant, we offer services that ensure your racking is set-up right and up to government standards, inspected professionality, and maintained for optimium efficiency, maximizing the service life of the racking and eliminating costly re-racking.

Konstant® Rack Maintenance Services

  • warehouse rack maintenance

    Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews

    Most provinces now require engineered drawings for new installations, full system reviews for modifications to existing systems, and regular system audits to check for damage. Konstant can help.

  • warehouse rack inspection

    Rack-It-Right® Rack Inspection

    Our rack safety inspections, maintenance and repair services can be a one-time inspection, maintenance and repair or a routine inspection/maintenance program.

  • rack repair

    Rack Repair Services

    The professionals at Konstant® can repair minor and major damage to your racking systems while keeping the integrity of the system intact.

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