• warehouse pallet racking systems


    Versatile and Customizable

Konstant® is synonymous with Pallet Rack and Pallet Racking Storage Systems in North America. Konstant® revolutionized the pallet rack industry by developing the highest quality structural pallet rack frame; an industry standard that remains so today.

Pallet Rack is the primary storage component of many warehouses. A well designed warehouse pallet racking storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling product within your organization. Ultimately, your solution should increase storage density without compromising selectivity or efficiency.

Because of its versatility and range of customizations available, our pallet rack solutions are well suited to a variety of warehouse storage environments, ranging from small warehouse storage facilities to multi-levelled warehouses. Whether you require a simple pallet racking application or a sophisticated warehouse storage system, Konstant® will provide a high quality, secure and cost efficient pallet rack solution.

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  • warehouse pallet racking systems

    Structural Racking

    Konstant’s unique structural steel racking and product storage systems are made from high strength, hot rolled structural steel shapes supplied by state-of-the-art North American mills.

  • warehouse pallet racking systems

    Roll Formed Racking

    We manufacture and stock Canada’s largest, most extensive line of roll formed racking products.

  • Bolted Pallet Racking

    Bolted Pallet Racking

    Konstant’s bolted product line can be easily adapted or reconfigured into the design of all storage system applications, including pallet flow, push back and drive-in racking

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