Safety Gates


  • guard rails

    Heavy Duty Guard Rails

    These guard rails greatly enhance the safety of your facility and reduce the cost of damage caused by accidental collisions when properly installed with manufacturer approved hardware. Available in 1 and 2' high configurations. 5"x5" posts, 12" high rails, 10"x10" base plates. security cap on all posts, bolted connections, and finished in highly visible security yellow.

    Download Our Guard Rails Brochure (PDF)

  • safety accessories

    Row End Protectors

    These heavy duty rack guards provide protection for the most vulnerable areas of your storage rack systems - row ends. Available as double sided or single-sided, they are easy to install and provide critical protection from fork truck damage at both the front and side of your rack uprights.

  • post protectors

    Post Protectors

    Post protectors provide individual, high visibility post protection and are available in 3 different standard sizes. Easy to install, they protect the most susceptible part of your rack upright from fork truck damage.

  • column guards

    Column Sentry® Column Guards

    Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector, protecting interior building columns from forklift collisions by surrounding them with a cushion of air. When hit, Column Sentry® flexes to help protect the column, the forklift and the forklift operator. Easy to install, maintenance free, and in safety yellow colour, this protector is available in a number of sizes to fit almost every column.

  • security accessories

    Security & Fencing Partitions

    Security cages offer an added level of protection of high-value or controlled substances, archival record storage or general storage requiring limited access. Wire mesh partitions are available as pre-configured assemblies or can be custom designed to your specifications. Pre-configured cages are available in 2 to 4 sided configurations and are easy to install. Various types of gates are also available; swing, slide, dutch doors and service style wickets. Standard colour is grey, with custom colours available at an extra cost.

    Download the Lockers Brochure (PDF)
    Download the Partitions Brochure (PDF)

  • safety netting

    Safety Netting

    Constructed of strong, durable, braided nylon rope, the safety netting systems can offer a simple, affordable means of preventing personnel injury and material damage from potential falls off racking. Install vertically or horizontally to suit your needs, and protect entire rows of racking or individual bays. Affordable and easy to install. Professional installation available upon request.

  • rack netting

    Wire Mesh Rack Netting

    The wire mesh rack netting offers the same personnel and material protection benefits as Safety Netting, but provides a more rigid solution for designated higher traffic areas such as a tunnel. Available in standard and custom sizes, and install quickly and easily with nuts and bolts.

  • safety bars

    Snap In or Hook Over Safety Bars

    Pallet safety bars secure your storage structures for added safety. The Snap In pallet safety bars lock in place providing CSA-standard protection without requiring mechanical fastening. The Hook Over pallet safety bars come with pre-punched hole for mechanically fastening the bar to the beam. They are available with cups to suit 1-1/2" (40mm) or 2" (50mm) beam depths. Both are manufactured from high-strength steel and can withstand years of abuse.

  • safety pins

    Safety Pins

    Safety Pins, Clips & Fasteners are the types of hardware that come with your box or step load beams. They are required to help prevent unintentional beam uplift and dislodgement that can be caused by forklift trucks. Check your rack regularly to make sure they are in place and, as a best practice, keep a supply of extra on hand for replacement as needed.

  • safety gates

    Safety Gates

    Different models of safety gates are available to suit your needs and keep your operation running smoothly. These include Safety Pivot Gates (pictured), with specially designed pivot arms that allow the gate to be opened on one side while closed on the other. Single & Double Swing Gates and Sliding Gates are available in 2 or 3 rail and wire mesh configurations, and can be designed to accommodate your guardrail selection.