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    Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking

    Very Narrow Aisle racking commonly referred to as VNA is an effective method of increasing pallet storage with in a given area with the advantages of selective racking. This system requires a special fork lift which reduces the aisle space by a minimum of 40% compared to traditional fork lifts. This system still provides 100 % product selectivity and utilizes the vertical space for pallet storage.

  • Konstant┬« manufactures an assortment of standard components for VNA racking systems. We produce both a welded and a bolted truss with four basic columns. This combination provides us with 50 standard frames in various depths and heights. Our patented standard beams are available in a variety of channels manufactured to different lengths. This allows us the flexibility to engineer a solution for our customers needs. Our no weld bracket connection along with the drift pin bolt connection provides a mechanical interference fit that is unequalled in performance and strength to a standard welded bracket.

Operational Considerations

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    Key Benefits

    • - Advantageous for high SKU counts with pallet in/ pallet out movements

    • - 100% pallet selectivity

    • - Can pick cases at elevated levels with order picker truck

    • - Utilizes specialized VNA lift trucks

    • - Maintains FIFO (First in, First out)

  • Advantages

    • - Aisle space reduced by 34% or more vs. Single Selective Rack

    • - Reduced product and rack damange

    • - Improved pick rates

    • - Improve cube utilization through increased storage height

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