• Wire Mesh Decks

    Available in a wide range of configurations we can provide wire mesh decks to suit Step Beams, Box Beams and Structural Channel Beams. Wire Mesh Decks can be used as an alternative to standard safety bars, providing an extra level of safety for misplaced pallets as well as varying sizes of pallets. Unlike plywood or particle board decks, wire mesh decks are non-flammable and provide superior water access for sprinkler systems.

  • wire mesh shelving

    Outside Waterfall

  • mesh decking

    Inside Waterfall

  • mesh decking

    Flared Channel Support

  • wire mesh decks


    • - Made in North America by the one of the industries most trusted, R-Mark certified companies.
    • - Certified Capacity Rating from Manufacturer
    • - No tools are required for installation - simply drop them in place
    • - Provide better hygiene than wooden decks
    • - Easier load identification
    • - Non - flammable
    • - Power coated finish
    • - Custom sizes, colours and configurations available (may extend lead time)
    • - Meets safety requirements for tunnel bays


    Enhance the benefits of wire mesh decks by using these functional and simple to install accessories. A wide range of standard and custom accessories are available to help with slotting, placement and fire protection of your products. Made in North America. Easy to move for changing product slot sizing, and no tools required for installation.

  • wire mesh shelving

    Carton Stop

  • mesh decking

    Hanging Divider

  • wire mesh shelving

    Kwik Klip Divider

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