• Pre Start Health and Safety Reviews

    Health and safety in the workplace is an ever increasing concern in our society. For many years, provincial labour ministries have focused on industrial equipment and machinery in an effort to ensure that new installations and modifications adhere to current operational safety standards.

    After several racking collapses in Canada in recent years, much attention is now being given to storage systems in particular. Most provinces now require engineered drawings for new installations, full system reviews for modifications to existing systems, and regular system audits to check for damage.

    Failure to comply with regulations can leave business owners, managers and supervisors liable in the event of an injury resulting from a storage system failure or collapse. Penalties could include very hefty fines, or even imprisonment.

    KONSTANT® professionals understand the industry regulations and can provide the guidance and direction you need. Whether it's design drawings for new & existing systems, or safety audit training for your staff, KONSTANT® can provide what you need.

    Make safety a priority in your workplace... call the professionals at KONSTANT®.

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