• material handling racking


    Great For High SKU Counts
  • Selective Racking

    Selective Pallet Racking is also known as Single Selective Racking, and is laid out in back to back rows separated by access aisles for lift trucks.

    Made with high quality steel and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Konstants' Selective Pallet Racking undergoes stringent quality control.

Operational Considerations

  • Selective Pallet Rack

    Key Benefits

    • - Selective pallet racking is advantageous for high SKU counts, with pallet in/pallet out or pallet in/ case out movements

    • - Superb selectivity, improved productivity

    • - Every pallet has a facing

    • - Flexible - no special lift trucks required

    • - Maintains FIFO (First in, First Out)

  • Advantages

    Selective pallet racking has advantages over floor or bulk stacking:

    • - Minimum doubling of storage capacity

    • - Improved productivity

    • - Reduced damage

    • - Fewer picking errors

    • - Improved turnaround times, leading to better customer service

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