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If you are looking for a storage system that presents no obstruction at the pick face, then a cantilever rack is for you!

Konstant® robust cantilever design provides an excellent solution to storing bulky products such as couches for the furniture industry. This fully adjustable system provides both vertical adjustment on the shelf height and continuous shelf storage without interruption on the horizontal plane. Our unique structural columns allows for maximum utilization of a facilities height. The support of arms can vary in depth and capacity to meet the requirement of the customer. Konstant® cantilever racking is renowned for safety, efficiency and easy accessibility.

Furniture Cantilever Rack Furniture Cantilever Rack Furniture Cantilever Rack


  • Selectivity: Easy storage and access to bars, rounds, coils, angles, channels, lumber and more. Ideal for furniture, steel bars and other long items.
  • Maximizes your warehouse space with shelf flexibility, and our superior shelf designs incorporate real-world point load carrying capacity.
  • Density: Smaller versions are available too, such as for tool and maintenance requirements or raw stock inventory for workshops, and they can incorporate solid decking.

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