Best For Low To Medium SKU Counts
  • Double Deep Racking

    A double deep racking layout involves back to back rows of 2 deep selective rack. Each pick slot now has a front and a back pallet. To access the back pallet, requires a deep reach attachment on the lift truck.

Operational Considerations

  • Key Benefits

    • - Doubles the density of racking between the aisles.

    • - Provides double the storage space per SKU to accommodate faster movers.

    • - Deep reach attachment is less expensive than alternative of purchasing swing reach trucks, and going to VNA single selective layout

    • - Flexibility – reach trucks equipped with deep reach attachment can still fulfill all other reach truck functions.

  • Advantages

    Advantages Over Single Selective Racking

    • - Floor space savings of 30%

    • - Storage capacity increases of 40%

    • - May be retrofitted to existing single selective rack systems

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