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Wide Span Shelving

Operational Considerations

The Widespan industrial shelving system offers optimal weight capacity, as well as state-of-the-art durability, flexibility and efficiency for all your storage needs.

This shelving system is really well-suited to industries with a High Volume per SKU ratio (like e-commerce inventory, clothing or automotive parts). It is also ideal for retail shelving, storing company records, as well as many other utilities.

  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Ideal for record storage, retail, e-commerce and grocery applications
  • Great for hand stacking operations
  • Can be fitted with wire mesh decks, wood decks, or galvanized drop-in-panels
  • Bay widths typically 48”, 72” or 96”

Widespan Shelving From One of Our Preferred Suppliers

Space Efficienciies

The Widespan Industrial shelving system is a fully open system, accessible from all sides and offers many different shelf options for every need. It also offers easy expansion possibilities both in height or width.

  • Simple, basic way of storing and organizing products;
  • Reconfigurable for changing storage requirements;
  • Improved cube utilization in high-bay applications.

Widespan Shelving Accessories

1. Frame Connectors 2. Posts 3. Foot Plates Metalware Widespan Industrial Shelving Accessories
Connect posts from front to back. 12-gauge roll formed post with 2” slots for easy height adjust-ability. Anchor the units to the floor.
4. Beams 5. Tie Bars 6. Wood, Steel or Wire Mesh Shelf Options
The main shelf support of the system. 2” profile beams made of 13-gauge steel and available in a variety of widths and weight capacities. Placed between the two beams, they increase the capacity of the shelf level and avoid the buckling of longer beams.

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