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  • ✔ Improve workplace safety

    ✔ Lower liability in the event of an accident

    ✔ Comply with current safety standards

    ✔ Increase lifespan of your rack systems

    ✔ Improve employee retention & morale

  • Making maintenance a priority can result in long-term savings

    You have invested wisely in your racking and storage systems to warehouse your product and keep it flowing through your operations in a reliable, efficient way.   Now is the time to ensure your investment is properly protected and the product, equipment, and people within your business remain safe.

      By using Konstant’s Rack It Right services you can:
    • - Prevent damage or injury to your people, equipment, and products
    • - Extend the life span of your facilities
    • - Minimize future repair costs by correcting risks early
    • - Ensure consistent, quality repairs

    Our Rack It Right services are completely scalable; meaning, our rack safety inspections, maintenance and repair services can be a one-time inspection, maintenance and repair or a routine inspection/maintenance program.   This applies to all types and styles of racking; regardless if purchased through Konstant or not.

    When using our Rack It Right services you can take advantage of our coast-to-coast, national coverage to reach all of your sites and locations while providing a standardized, consistent approach. We have regional offices across the country and all inspection/repair services provided are offered directly through Konstant vs. 3rd party providers.

    By having your racking inspected you can avoid costly ad hoc repairs thereby mitigating the risk and cost of down time.   Put Konstant and our Rack It Right Services to work for you when your are considering how to better protect your operation!

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