Using Anchor Bolts

Keep Your Employees Safe and Your Stored Goods Grounded

Anchor bolts are used to anchor storage racks to a concrete floor. They not only ensure that the geometry of the rack is maintained but also safeguard against minor impacts and uplift.

An anchor's strength is dependent upon the style, size, and spacing of the anchor bolts, along with the concrete embedment depth and strength of the concrete. Obtaining the correct specifications for your rack installation is critical.

Trust the Experts

All expansion and adhesive anchor bolts specified by Rack It Right Engineering have received ICC-ES certification and are designed to meet the strength and stability requirements for your rack installation.

Engineering drawings detail the anchor manufacturer’s specifications, based on the rack configuration. Post-installation inspections, completed by Rack it Right's in-house team of engineers, include a detailed examination of the anchor bolts.

The design engineers at Rack It Right are ready to help you find the best racking solution for your business, with single-source responsibility for both design and installation.

Trust the experts at Rack It Right to help keep your employees safe and your valued, stored goods grounded.


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